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African American Rose 2003 Jan 12
"Have you ever wondered about your ancestry and lost culture? Have you studied African American history and visited genealogy boards? Have you ever been told of Indian or melungeon blood lines in your family? Have you ever tried to trace your African roots? What part of Africa were your ancestors from? Did you ever want to talk to other African Americans researching their genealogy heritage as well? Finally there is a community for us."

The 2003 InterRace Cruise 2003 Jan 12
"Cruise info: New ship! The Carnival Conquest, a 'super-sized' Destiny-calss ship, introduced in December 2002. Explore its 14 decks, 22 bars and lounges, 4 restaurants, 15,000 square-foot health club, world-class theatre, Internet cafe, jogging track, and all the amenities you'd expect."

Black Women With Biracial Children 2002 May 25
"... has free message boards where there is support and BWWBC also has a club for Black Women With Biracial Children. There are many struggles that black women may face raising their biracial children that sometimes they can't find support on other interracial or biracial site because the majority of the members or postings are portaining more to black men and white women. This club is designed to cater to the black women and their intermixed families. Please feel free to contact us for more club information."

Interracial Families Spot 2000 Aug 30
"This page is dedicated to interracial families, couples, and people who are biracial. You will find several links on interracial related topics. There is even a forum to discuss topics about interracial families. Everyone is welcome to post on the forum as it is interesting to hear, share, and learn different opinions."

My Shoes 1999 May 27
"... is a support group in cyberspace hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Juanita Brooks for multiracial children, adolescents and adults who have a white appearance ..."

Multicultural Psychological Association 1999 May 27
"... was established to help members of all cultures, especially underrepresented ones, who need support and encouragement, guidance and strength to pursue their educational, personal, and social goals ..."

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