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The California O'Briens 2004 Apr 27

Lynn Bryant Autobiography: Black and Proud 2004 Apr 27
"Rejected by the white world because of her mixed parents and Black step-siblings, and her choice to belong to a Black community that accepted her ..."

Euphoria: An Interracial Couple Website 2004 Apr 27
"Euphoria is an interracial couple (asian man & black woman) website with pictures from the places we've traveled and a section for other interracial couples where they will find links to online groups, personal websites, and many other resources and support."

Felicia & Bjorn's Wedding Album 2003 Dec 18
"A joining of two cultures and two hearts create one love. I therefore proudly welcome one and all to view our online wedding album. Come share the joy ..."

Interracial 2003 Nov 06
"We have been in an interracial relationship since December of 1991. Willie is black and Kim is white. We have been married for 7 years and have two daughters." 2003 Feb 15
"Welcome to our multicultural online community! Our initiative is very simple: View, explore, sent us your pictures and bios, represent your culture, write us about your multicultural issues and experiences, and submit multicultural resources. And that is it."

Promise Victoria 2003 Jan 27
"Young Christian singer, multiracial speaker and model."

James Landrith: Taking the Gloves Off 2002 Dec 02
Personal Web log of the interracially married editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist.

The Shyjoes 2002 Oct 10
"My name is Patsy ... I'm the one on the right. I came to Mississippi in 1998 to attend the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) I have been here ever since. I like it here, the town is small and very quaint. Why do we have a homepage? That's a good question. To be honest, it was my husband's idea."

Java Turtle 2002 Oct 10
"I was born Marva Lynne Lowe on July 13, 1954 in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Santa Barbara, CA at age 6. I have three brothers and two sisters."

The Color of Love 2002 Oct 10
"After 30 years of marriage, Greg and Rebecca Weaver take a painful look back at life as an interracial couple during the plight and passion of the Civil Rights Movement. The courtship starts during a time when it would have been more popular to murder someone than cross the 'color line.' Greg searches deep within himself to relate to his feelings about race relations and being married to a black woman. Rebecca, on the other shoe, tells her side of the story with all the conviction and strength of a woman with great virtue and courage."

Baldbro's Blended World 2002 Aug 10
"This page was created [to] honor and display the good life that the interracial families of today share. This page will spotlight families, stories, and a picture page of your family and kids so we can show this world how beautiful the blended life is."

Chicago's Very Own Mercedes Keyes 2002 Feb 14
"Yes, I'm Mercedes Keyes, and while you're here, my aim is simple. To introduce my poetry, opinions, and short stories in variety. I hope in a form that you can relate to, and reflect upon."

John Jeff Murray 2001 Dec 31
"Thank you for visiting the website of novelist J. J. Murray, author of Renee and Jay and Something Real. Please sign my guest book, join my emailing list, email me, and most of all: make yourself at home."

Lawrence Hill 2001 Dec 31
"Currently, I am researching my next novel, Migration, which will be published by HarperCollins Canada. As well, I occasionally give readings in schools and meet with students of all ages to give talks about issues such as the craft of writing, becoming a writer, the business of writing, black history in Canada, writing historical fiction and using narrative to make history come to life, being of mixed race in Canada, and so forth. I also run Lawrence Hill Creative Services, a small business that specializes in writing speeches, annual reports, technical reports, and documents in plain language."

Teena and Henrik 2001 Dec 01
"... I am married to the greatest man on earth. He won my heart and made me fall madly, deeply in love. We were married December 16, 2000 in Stadshuset in Stockholm, Sweden ..."

Juvin Chronicles 2001 Sep 22
"There are those who think there is no such thing as a good marriage, and there are those who do believe in such a thing, yet struggle to discover the secret. We don't believe there is a secret; it just requires a lot of hard work."

Vas Littlecrow 2001 Sep 08
The official Web site of mixed model and artist Vanessa Littlecrow Colon-Ortiz.

Bryan & Brenee 2001 Jun 10
"We've got our own domain name, and we've updated the look and feel to our site. (Heck, we even got married!!) Feel free to look around and make yourself at home, and be sure to view/sign our guestbook before you leave so that we'll know you stopped by!"

Love Sees No Color 2000 Oct 29
"Hello from Francesca & Collins! We would love to share with everybody our wonderful experience of being an interracial couple. We hope our pages might be positive and helpful, expecially for all those mixed couples who are still dealing with difficulties and prejudices."

Kip Fulbeck/Seaweed Productions 2000 Sep 24
"One of the seminal artists exploring multiraciality and Hapa identity, Kip Fulbeck has captivated audiences throughout the world with his videos, performances, and writings. His uniquely personal monologues and multimedia shows combine stand-up comedy with a powerful and politically charged edge. Using his own Cantonese, English, Irish, and Welsh background as a springboard, Fulbeck confronts media imagery of Asian men, interracial dating patterns, and icons of race and sex in the U.S. -- constantly questioning where Hapas 'fit in' in a country which ignores multiraciality."

Eartha 2000 Jul 12
"... I am a mother of two interracial daughters and I am involved in an interracial relationship. I created this webpage for interracial couples of all ages because I strongly believe that love sees no color. I have included educational links for your enjoyment so browse each one carefully ..."

Interracial Family Page 2000 Apr 15

Karen Downing 1999 May 27

International Couples' Homepage 1999 May 27
"This page is for those of you who are married (or planning to marry) with a person of a different nationality ..."

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