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The Interracial Planet 2004 Apr 27
"This is the place where no man or woman judges by race ... In this planet, racism doesn't even exist ... Who cares if you're Asian, African, Caucasian, etc.? Heck, we're so color blind here that we dont even pay attention that at all! That's why we all get along so well on this planet."

Reconciliation Consulting 2003 Aug 05
"Reconciliation Consulting was founded by Dr. George & Sherelyn Yancey in 1996 upon release of Dr. Yancey's first book, Beyond Black and White: Reflections on Racial Reconciliation. Radio interviews, seminars for pastors, and requests for consultation on how to implement racial reonciliation among faith communities and families followed. Whether you are just beginning to generate a vision for racial dialogue or you would like to take the next step, we can assess your specific congregation or ministry to help you accomplish your goals."

Frontline: Discussion: Multiracial/Interracial Relationships 2003 Feb 15
Comments from the readership about the topic.

Black Women, White Men: Interracial Romance in the Movies 2003 Jan 12
"Finding movies which feature serious romantic relationships between black women and white men can be tough, so for those who might be interested in checking out such films, this list might come in handy."

Gumbo Kids Company 2002 Dec 02
"Producers of high quality multicultural educational products for children." 2002 Oct 10
"At we are creating a network of interracial couples, families and singles from all over for advice, support and information."

Mandy's Moon Multicultural and Adoption Products 2002 Sep 08
"Your on-line source for unique multicultural & adoption products."

Melting Pot Gifts 2002 Jul 19
"Diversity is the spice of life."

Lightskin Magazine 2002 Mar 07

BritKid 2001 Dec 31
"... is a website about race, racism, and growing up in Britain. It was made with young people in mind, but we hope that everybody who logs on will find it interesting. You'll meet a gang of nine young British people from different backgrounds. They will invite you to their home, you'll meet their folks, their mates, and share some experiences as you hang out in town." 2001 Oct 14
"... has the largest selection of gifts available that reflect the many diverse people we see each day. Together we bring unique qualities that add flavor in this wonderful "melting pot" we call home ... let us celebrate our differences! At you will find anything from unique handmade treasures to professional corporate gifts ... perfect for a new adoption, favorite teacher, special friend ... or simply indulge yourself! celebrates diversity, encourages understanding and promotes unity!"

Heather Young's Homepage on Interracial Relationships 2001 Oct 03
"The topic I have chosen to research for my fall assignment is interracial relationships. It is a social issue that interests me because of how it affects society and how it affects me personally. This is important to me because I am currently involved in an interracial relationship that has progressed over the past two years. Interracial relationships reflect society's culture and values, and I thought it would be interesting to explore other people's views on this controversial topic. More specifically, I wanted to learn what factors lead people to become involved in interracial relationships. I wanted to see how the opinions of society affect the couples' relationships. I also wanted to explore the comparisons that couples make between interracial and non-interracial relationships."

Biracial Kids 2001 Sep 22
"The purpose of this website is to provide supportive resources, links and information to teens and to parents." Multicultural Family 2001 Jul 01

Greetings by RiMel 2001 Jun 10
"... offers alternative greeting cards for the growing multiracial population. The RiMel greeting card line focuses not on the differences of those in multiracial families and relationships but on their many similarities."

Mothering without a Compass 2001 Jan 26
"In 1997, Becky Thompson began parenting nine-year-old Adrian at the request of his mother, and her life changed forever. Mothering without a Compass is the moving story of her first year as the white lesbian "sudden-mother" of an African-American boy. From the everyday yet sometimes overwhelming tasks of finding Adrian a school and debating the significance of action figures, to unexpected discussions about who pays whom at the sperm bank, to the more complicated matters of racism, sexuality, nontraditional families, open adoption, love, and loss, Thompson gives us an absorbing and often humorous account of her attempt at antiracist, multicultural parenting."

Interrace Haven 2000 Dec 28
"Welcome to Interrace Haven! My name is Allen Steadham. I created this site to be a source of information, resources, and ultimately support for people who: Are in an interracial relationship ... Are biracial or multiracial ... Are the parent(s) of a biracial or multiracial individual(s) ... Are the grandparent(s) of a biracial or multiracial individual(s) ... Are interested in being supportive to the one or all of the above!"

PBS: The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families 2000 May 09
"One of the early roots of the film 'Secret Daughter' was Frontline's research into the growing debate over racial classification and the social phenomenon commonly known as 'passing.' Mario de Valdes y Cocom, an historian of the African diaspora, researched some of history's more interesting examples of mixed heritage ..."

Cihldren's and Young Adult Books with Interracial Family Themes 2000 May 09
"Some children of mixed-racial descent identify themselves as members of one group or another. Some proudly proclaim their multiracial identities. And still others switch their declarations at different times in their lives. When you think about, even those who aren't of mixed descent have some diversity somewhere in their family. At most, it's just a question of degree. And ever more families are adopting children of different hues, both from their own home countries and internationally. Many of these parents and grandparents make that extra effort to offer children the gifts and insights of their own cultures while respecting and fostering a sense of appreciation for the child's own ethnic culture and country of birthday. As the population increases, we've seen a slight growth in the number of children's and young adult books published that explore mixed-race family themes. However, the need persists and will grow with each passing generation."

What Are You? 2000 May 09
"... is the result of Pearl Gaskins's years of in-depth interviews with eighty mixed-race young people. In their own words -- which are at times defiant, humorous, and insightful -- they address issues such as dating, family life, prejudice, and racial identity. At the same time, they celebrate the unique hope and possibilities that come from living life in multicolors and multicultures. Combining interviews with poems, essays, and insights from experts, What Are You? reveals what it means to be living proof that America's ideas about race make no sense. The book includes an extensive bibliography, resource guide, and photographs of young people who contributed."

Blind Heart 2000 May 05
"We know how hard it is to find products for interracial and ethnic weddings and special occasions,first hand. After planning our own wedding, we were inspired by the difficulty we experienced in finding an interracial caketop. We also noticed the lack of caketops and accessories representing the various ethnicities and their traditions. As a result, we decided to provide a central place for people to obtain these items. A place where people can feel secure that the product they select will not only be of quality, but also an elegant reflection of who they are. Blind Heart specializes in caketops, accessories and favors for interracial and ethnic weddings, as well as, for such events as Las Quinceaneras." 2000 Mar 11
"Whether you're in a foreign land, or just want to learn about the people there, Culture Bytes fulfills your needs. It's the site for those of you who travel in the Digital Age. At Culture Bytes, you can read Comics, Articles, and participate in Forums on cross cultural encounters, dating, and marriage. You can also see what's going on around the world with News Bytes, your free international newspaper."

Yahoo!: Interracial Organizations 1999 May 27
Yahoo!'s category on organizations dealing with interracial relationships and issues.

You Don't Look Japanese 1999 May 27
"... is as inclusive as possible with regards to biracial/interracial issues, including not-so-pleasant URLs ..."

Multicultural Internet Links 1999 May 27
A short list of links regarding multicultural issues.

SSU InterCultural Center 1999 May 27
"The misson of your InterCultural Center (ICC) is to support the retention and graduation of all ethnically diverse students by identifying and supporting personal academic, career, cultural, and educational development opportunities ..."

Beginning Library Research on Ethnic Identity in the United States 1999 May 27
An indispensible guide for those looking to do research on ethnic, as well as biracial and multicultural identity.

Resources by and about interracial & multicultural people 1999 May 27
"This bibliography represents a fraction of literature on and relating to interracial and multicultural people ..."

The Asiaphile's Homepage 1999 May 27
"This page is here to celebrate interacial dating, especially the interacial dating between Asian women and white (Caucasian) men ..."

International Couples' FAQ 1999 May 27
A list of frequently-asked questions about relationships between individuals of different nationality.

Frontline: Secret Daughter 1999 May 27
"A story of a mixed race daughter and the mother who gave her away."

Sarasvati's Temple 1999 May 27
"Join Sarasvati as she takes a light-hearted look at Asian-American issues and interracial/intercultural dating ..."

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