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Indonesian Mixed Couple Club 2004 May 22
"Today, Indo-MC is one of the biggest Indonesian mixed couples club united on the internet.About the management of Indo-MC: Indo-MC is lead by a team of volunteers who are working together to pursue the mission and views of Indo-MC. The management team is elected by the members for a 2 year period. ... The intention to this organization is:To become a place where Indonesian mixed couples (INDONESIAN CITIZEN married to a FOREIGN NATIONAL) can come in contact with each other; a place where FOREIGNERS who have close relations with Indonesia (like an adopted Indonesian child or children from a mixed Indonesian relationship) can get help and support."

People Ending Discrimination On Looks 2003 Feb 15
"... deals with changing people's perceptions based on looks. We share with others that it's more important to look into hearts and minds of our fellow people than to judge someone based on their clothing."

Yachad b'Shalom: Together in Peace 2002 Apr 03
"It is a truism that there are many more similarities between represented, mainstream Jews and diverse Jewish families & Jews of Color. There are issues that have weakened the social climate that we intend to address and alleviate through information, resources and most importantly community. Perhaps many Jews as a collective do not realize that there are different types of Jews, and that by sharing histories and perspectives the issues that are mutual as well as those that divide us will perform in a healing capacity. As Jews we face insurmountable anti-Semitism from non-Jews. Taking that into account, diverse Jewish families and Jews of Color also have to endure racism. Many Jews of Color have chosen to become Jews, and others have been born into it. YBS provides community to all Jews, embracing the truest form of Ahavas Yisroel, the love for our fellow Jews and attempts to identify not only with others but gain a more insightful appreciation for ourselves our families and our future."

Interracial World 2002 Jan 08
"In front of your eyes is an attempt to bring all Interracial Couples and Families together to set up a beginning of a big movement, to create a strong community which could provide support and give advice to those who need it. People who are not involved into interracial relationships, are also welcome to visit this site - the site of happy people! We need your ideas, stories, pictures, personal experiences and anything that you think will support this movement.We hope that Internet will make it possible and very easy for interracial couples all over the world to meet and support each other."

SIETAR International 2000 Feb 27
"... is an interdisciplinary professional and service organization whose purpose is to implement and promote cooperative interactions and effective communication among peoples of diverse cultures, races, and ethnic groups. Its objective is to encourage the development and application of knowledge, values, and skills which enable effective intercultural, interracial, and interethnic actions at the individual, group, organization, and community levels ..."

The Multicultural Centre 2000 Feb 14
"To what extent and in what way has immigration over the past few decades changed the face of Swedish society? How do individuals and organisations deal with a social environment characterised by rapid change and increasing cultural diversity? These are the issues with which the Multicultural Centre is centrally concerned." In English and Swedish.

The ERaM Programme 1999 Aug 28
"... utilizes the new information technology of email and the World Wide Web to provide a global forum and focus for discussion, information dissemination and research collaboration on issues of racism, ethnicity and the media."

International Interracial Association 1999 May 27
"... open to all who have an interest in improving racial and cultural unity through supportive discussion of: interracial/cultural individuals; individuals who are involved in an interracial/cultural relationship; parents who have adopted interracially/culturally; [and] those who simply have an interest in interracial/cultural issues ..."

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