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Polly Wanna Cracka? -- The Internet resource for interracial relationships
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WebRing: Golden Gods with Bronze Goddesses Ring 2002 Nov 12
"This is an interracial ring that is dedicated to asian male/black female couples and relationships."

WebRing: Intercultural & Interracial Connection Webring 2002 Aug 10
"Webring of related interracial sites. Personal Homepages of couples in a interracial or intercultural relationship, support sites, chat rooms, biblical verse in support of, and general information about interracial/intercultural relations."

Gabrielle's Interracial Links 2000 May 09
"Your interracial Web research page ..."

SMHAC's Mixed Heritage Guide to the Web 2000 May 09
This directory was originally compiled by one of our members in February and March of 1998 as part of the research for a book, edited by Ms. Pearl Gaskins, about mixed-race teenagers and young adults (tentatively) titled What Are You? The final published directory promises to be even more extensive."

Yahoo!: Intercultural Communication 2000 Feb 09
Yahoo!'s category on intercultural communication. Race Relations: Interracial Relationships 1999 Oct 20
Here is list of links regarding interracial relationships.

Yahoo!: Interracial 1999 Oct 20
Yahoo!'s category on interracial relationships.

Multicultural Internet Links 1999 Oct 20
A short but to-the-point list of links regarding multiculturalism.

Ethics Update: Race, multiculturalism, racism, ethnicity, ethics 1999 Oct 20
An absolutely collosal list of links regarding all sorts of topics related to race and multiculturalism.

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