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MSN Groups: Black Women and Interracial Relationships 2004 May 22

New Miscegenation Magazine 2004 May 22

Yahoo! Groups: The Topaz Club 2004 Apr 27

Yahoo! Groups: Nubian Queens and White Kings 2004 Apr 27
"... is a meeting place for nubian queens and white kings to come together to socialize, find love, or just to hang out. We accept all people who have a sincere interest in interracial lifestyles."

Yahoo! Groups: mulattoez 2003 Dec 18
"This is group is about mulattoes who are people mixed with African & European ancestry! It doesn't matter what you look like, light, dark, caramel, brown, high yella, red, Afro-metis, Afro-mestizo(from Latin America), Melungeon, Creole, Coloured, of the African diaspora your cultural upbringing, a product of interracial parentage or what kind of hair texture that you have! If you are mixed with African & Caucasian ancestry, then you are mulatto, PERIOD!"

Yahoo! Groups: interracialladies 2003 Dec 18
"A club for UK based Black and Asian Women to meet White males for fun, friendship and maybe more ..."

Yahoo! Groups: CafeAuLait 2003 Dec 18
"Welcome to our café for femmes de couleur and hommes blancs. Our café is open to discerning ladies and gentlemen 40 years of age and older, single, and who are open to interracial romance. We also welcome BW/WM interracial couples. Though our main goal is romance, we encourage friendship and a respectful sharing ideas."

Yahoo! Groups: Asian Men Who Love Black Women 2003 Dec 18
"This group is for the growing number of asian-black relationships. As the number of asian women and black men decline, the asian man is left without a pool of wife material. The black woman is in the same category. It is only natural that the two should seek each other out to form a loving relationships. As the differences between the two grow slim. The asian man loves the fire and passion of the black woman and the black woman loves the stability and cool headed nature of the asian man. They are each others' Venus and Mars."

The Atavist: Exploring Intercultural Relationships With Women From Asia 2003 Nov 06
"This site is for anyone currently in or contemplating an intercultural relationship and wants to get more out of that relationship. The intention is not to be an advisory service -- I do not profess to be an expert and would give most of the credit to my wife for the success of our relationship. What works for my relationship probably would not work for yours anyway. I simply hope to promote better understanding between couples, and to enable individuals to make better decisions by giving them access to information & experience of others."

Yahoo! Groups: Power Couples (Asian Men and Black Women) 2003 Aug 30
"This is created to foster relationships between Asian Men and Black Women. This will also serve as a forum for all AM and BW to meet, share, and grow together. As stated in simple terms, this group will serve to provide support, interact, online resource, and up coming events."

Black Women - Italian Men Community 2003 Aug 30

MSN Groups: Interracial Military Marriages 2003 Aug 05
"Thank you for visiting, and welcome! We are a site for interracial married couples in all branches of the military to come together to share stories, daily events or experiences, network, and have fun. This is a forum where respect and consideration come first, so please, the insincere need not apply. Have a great time looking around, and we hope to chat with you soon. Enjoy!"

ezboard: The Color of Us 2003 Aug 05

Yahoo! Groups: Black Women Who Prefer White Men (US) 2003 May 25
"This group is for Black women and White men to share ideas and develop relationships in a supportive environment."

Yahoo! Groups: White Men Black Women Dating UK (UK) 2003 May 25
"This is a fully moderated group which gives black women and white men, in the UK, the chance to safely meet one another, discuss issues and generally chat. There seems to be a lack of quality uk sbf-swm discussion groups, and the ones that exist are not being managed properly and are full of spam or obscene messages. This group is going to be VERY different, and modelled on the US group black_women_who_prefer_white_men which is expertly ran by the moderators there."

Yahoo! Groups: Asians Who Like Black People (UK) 2003 May 25
"For Blacks and Asians who want to unite, date or communicate. Based in UK (all countries welcome)."

Yahoo! Groups: Interracial Lounge 2003 May 25
"... is a discussion group for those who are interested in intelligent and fun discussion of issues related to interracial dating, interracial friendships, multiethnic identity, etc. Topics can vary from relationship advice to what the best interracial movies and books are to theoretical perspectives on identity development. Everyone is welcome to join, but no bashing of people based on ethnic group membership, dating preferences, sexual orientation, etc. will be permitted."

Yahoo! Groups: Black Women Who Love Keanu 2003 May 25
"This Web site is dedicated to women of color and others who are fans of Keanu [Reeves]. PLease feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings in taste for this beautiful person who is our favorite actor."

ICQ Interest Groups: Black and Asian Oriental Love 2003 May 25
"For Black and Asian relationships. Encouraging those who are attracted to one another to come and get aquainted."

Yahoo! Groups: Black White Thang 2003 May 25
"All things interracial."

Yahoo! Groups: Marshmallows Meting in Hot Chocolate 2003 May 25
"This group is for SINGLE black women and SINGLE white men (ages 21 and up) to meet each other, whether online or in person, and responsibly discuss any topic of their choosing; the subjects may be rated anywhere from 'G' to 'X.'"

Yahoo! Groups: Single and Looking Interracial 2003 May 25
"We hope the year 2003 becomes your year of love and romance. We would love for you to join and check out the profiles of the quality members and post your ad."

Yahoo! Groups: Different in Face but Close at Heart 2003 May 25
" "This group is for people who are interested in meeting new people. It is a group for people to say, and share how they feel. This a group for people who are interested in interracial relationships, or are already in an interracial relationship and would like to share their experience. I encourage you to post stories about real-life experiences or make them up. This is a place for discussions etc."

Yahoo! Groups: Bi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic Lesbians of Colour 2003 Jan 27
"... is a group exploring the experiences of BiRacial and MultiEthnic lesbians of colour, and other lesbians of colour who are interested in issues exploring multiculturalism, diversity as they relate to the issues of identity, sexual orientation and social perspectives on diversity in the lesbian community. Intelligent discussions ranging from current political observations, self perception, cultural identification, personalinterests, goals. Offering support to women who embrace the multiplicity of their ethnicity. This Group is centered in the Washington DC area, but all BiRacial, and MultiEthnic Lesbians World Wide are encouraged to join, participate, meet and create a safe, supportive environment."

Yahoo! Groups: Ebony Ladies & Ivory Gentlemen 2003 Jan 12
"This is a discussion group and just a place to hangout for black women and white men. All members are encouraged to participate in discussions, post your favorite poems, short stories or just drop in and say hello. Come on in, relax and make yourself at home, introduce yourself, enjoy intelligent conversations with your fellow group members, talk about your experiences, issues, relationships, current events, politics, entertainment and any other thing you need to say. Please keep sexually explicit topics out of the group." 2003 Jan 12
"First of all let me state that the purpose of is simple, to celebrate your multiracial heritage. I try to provide information that multiracial people will find relevant and interesting. It is not meant to be divisive. ... You will notice that most of the people on this site are mixed with African or African-American and something else. The reason for this is that when I first started the site it was just going to feature half White and half Black people because that's what I am. But as I started working on the site I decided to add anybody who was half Black to add diversity. Once the site went up I got a lot of e-mail from people asking me to add other people who were of Mixed race origin but not necessarily Black. At first I wasn't going to do that because I thought it would be too much work adding all those people and also because I felt that I could only relate to issues affecting those who were half Black. But as I talked with more and more biracial people of other races I learned that we all have similar issues, both positive and negative."

Yahoo! Groups: Deeper Shades of Soul 2002 Dec 02
"Our group is for persons of the interracial persuasion. Here,we discuss ALL; life, love, and everything in between!"

The SBF SWM Spot 2002 Dec 02
"Here is where you can connect with the single white male and single black females in your area that are open to interracial relationships or friendships. Please remember that the groups associated are for singles only and require respectable behavior. Those looking for shallow people need not request to join."

Yahoo! Groups: Gentlemen Do Not Prefer Blondes 2002 Sep 08
"Here we discuss the overemphasis on the White Blonde Female in American culture. We aren't out to hate anyone. But we do question this overemphasis. I just wanted to let all the black ladies know, that here you are on our pedestal, not the Marilyn Monroe, cloroxed wannabes!"

Yahoo! Groups: blackgirls4whiteguys 2002 Sep 08
"Are you a white guy who likes black girls but doesnt know how to meet them? Are you a black girl who like white men?" The Melting Pot 2002 Aug 10

Yahoo! Groups: Black Women Who Love Italian Men 2002 Jul 19
"This is the right place for black women who ware interested in meeting Italian white men. THis is not an adult club, so please do not post sexually explicit content anywhere in this club."

Yahoo! Groups: A Black Woman's Choice 2002 Jul 19
"... is a group for black women who enjoy living without boundaries of race or ethnicity with regard to the men in our lives. We make no excuses for our choices. We've come a long way. Interact with other black women who live similar lifestyles. Relax and discuss everyday life: family, education, employment, women's health issues, entertainment -- even healthy, constructive debate is welcome -- share your hopes and dreams."

Yahoo! Groups: White Women Black Men 2002 May 25

MSN Communities: Bircial Families 2002 Feb 14
"All who are visiting this site and are interested in biracial or multicultural topics are in the right place! It is my goal as the community's manager to ensure that this community is one that solidifies peace, unity, and a safe environment for those who enter. ... Be encouraged! You're not alone -- I'm sure that many of us can relate in that we can share similar life experiences - both positive and negative. That's what this community is all about."

MSN Communities: Biracial World 2002 Feb 14
"Welcome to our site for biracial people, couples, and kids from all over the world!"

Yahoo! Clubs: WhiteFemaleBlackMale 2001 Oct 14
"At long last there is a club designed for you, the attractive black males and the attractive white females (single or married). Rules apply! White males are not allowed here! This club will NOT be known as a porn club, although that is included. Our purpose first and foremost is to bring us together, by not offending any would be white queen or black king. We also invite hispanic and arabic females as well. All we can do is to please most of the people most of the time. This is the most highly protected club for black kings and white queens."

Yahoo! Groups: AfricanChicks_CaucasianGuys 2001 Oct 14
"A list for African American ladies and Caucasian men."

Yahoo! Clubs: White Men Who Speak Black Wives 2001 Oct 03
"This club was solely created for serious, sincere, mature single ebony women and ivory men. Breaking the racial barriers in finding their true love/soulmate ... For a loving, meaningful, interracial marriage. Bringing beautiful biracial children into the world,s hare your love, adoration and respect for interracial marriages. You may just find the love of your life here!"

ezboard: Backgammon 2001 Sep 08
"A discussion board for black women and white men."

Yahoo! Clubs: Atlant's WM 4 BF Dating 2001 Sep 01

Yahoo! Groups: Swirl, Inc. 2001 Sep 01
"... is an organization that aims to build a mixed race community in New York City while providing support to mixed families (including families who have trans-racially/culturally adopted), along with mixed individuals and inter-racial/cultural couples, to celebrate and explore their heritages. Swirl is an organization for the whole family!"

Yahoo! Groups: Sillicon Valley Singles Wanting Interracial Love 2001 Sep 01
"This list is for Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area (California) singles who are interested in networking, meeting other singles and forming loving relationships with people outside of their own race. This is a discussion and announcement list, and this will be the place to look when you want to know about upcoming events."

Yahoo! Groups: Triangle-NC-SWIRL 2001 Sep 01
"This is a multi-racial social club for adults of all races who are located in either the Raleigh/Durham area or North Carolina in general. This is for adults only and for those who would like to meet and socialize with those of other races or have no preference at all.

Yahoo! Clubs: Black Woman Confidental 2001 Jul 04
"... is a place where Black Women can talk amongst each other about various issues affecting Black women and how to overcome the obstacles we face socially. I am preferably looking for Black women who are not stuck in the 'box' frame of mind (independant thinkers) and who are exploring things that most Black women are not interested in (interrracial relationships, traveling, coming up with ways where we can make a name for ourselves in a racist society). I think its time that we form a subculture of support for sistas who are doing thier own thing and not feeling guilty about who we are, what we look like and the choices we make. Black women need to look out for numero uno and for each other. For those of us who are ready to form a sisterhood and stick together then my club is the place! Please pass this on to intelligent sisters you know of, who are bright, nice, and who can hold good intelligent dialog."

Yahoo! Clubs: Biracialbabes 2001 Jun 10
"This is a Christian family site for interracial families."

Yahoo! Groups: Interracial-WM 2001 Apr 20
"... is a group for white men who are currently in an interracial relationship, date, or have dated outside of their race. This is a group for white men to discuss their experiences with friends, family members and others in response to their relationships with other races."

Yahoo! Clubs: Single and Looking Interracial 2001 Apr 20
"For those seeking IR friendship, and/or companionship with someone of the opposite sex. No nude pictures in the albums or explicit postings on the message board. Members who support or promote 'swinger' lifestyles are removed. Let's steer clear of the myths and misconceptions that many have of IR relationships, and form a club to talk, meet and be treated with respect."

Yahoo! Groups: Open Minded Females of Color 2001 Feb 21
"This group is for intelligent, sophisticated, well-read, heterosexual women of color who are single (not separated from a spouse-thoroughly single!) and desiring a relationship that could lead to marriage with men who may not be of the same race. Also for women of color who are either dating, have seriously dated, married or about to marry a man of another race."

Yahoo! Clubs: Onyx and Pearls in New York City 2001 Feb 21
"This is a discussion group and activities group for NY Tri-staters -- not an "adult" or encounters club; offensive messages, pix or screen names will not be tolerated. Our aim: intelligent conversation among serious-minded, mature individuals with strong values and respect for self and others."

Mindkandy's Interracial Debate and Relations 2001 Jan 26

Yahoo! Clubs: White M 4 Black F in Dallas area 2001 Jan 26
"This singles club was created to provide a place where single white men who are attracted to black women & vice versa can meet to develop friendships and more. This is a safe place where we can all chat, love, live as adults. Only loving people who are willing to find what they are looking for."

Yahoo! Groups: Black Back Street Boys Fans 2001 Jan 26
"This is for black/mulatto fans of the Backstreet Boys. Even if you aren't of the two, you can still join. We Don't and Won't exclude. We have members from all over the world. Goal and mission: To stop discrimation against BSB fans, (especially fans of color) and to also show that there are BSB fans of color,and that the stereotypical view that the media has on their fans has to stop." 2001 Jan 26
"This site is dedicated to exploring and improving race relations. We focus on two ethnicities, whites and Asians. We believe this is an issue that is overlooked by the mainstream media which ussually focuses on black/white relationships, and the occosianal latino issue. Yet there are many things to discuss about Asians and whites."

Interracial Relations & Debate 2000 Dec 28
"Whether you are for, in or against interracial relations, this is the place to discuss the dynamics of interracial dating and relations. For all races. No flaming or trolling. Be ready to be honest and open but constructive in discussion. Experiences and viewpoints encouraged."

eGroups: China-USA-Couples 2000 Dec 19
"Whether the goal is marriage, dating, or just friendship, something is drawing Americans and Chinese together across the Pacific ! This forum was established for us to share our experiences. Now with over 180 members, we continue to thrive and build a helpful interracial heterosexual community."

Black/White/Asian/Hispanic Interracial Relationship Debate 2000 Nov 09
"It has bothered me to see our women looking for any outlet to vent thier frustrations about interracial relationships and men basically hiding out trying to avoid a heated and bitter confrontation. We are men and I feel like we should stand up and face this situation like we know that we can. I wanted a proper place us to to do so without the stigma or embarrassment of feuding in front of outsiders."

Yahoo! Clubs: Ebony Ladies and Ivory Gentlemen 2000 Oct 29
"Come on in, relax and make yourself at home, introduce yourself, chat with your fellow club members, post your pics in the club photo album, check out the Club Bookmarks located in the News Section of the club, talk about your experiences, relationships, issues and any other thing you need to say."

Yahoo! Clubs: The Ebony and Caucasian Club 2000 Oct 02
"A place where black and white 'get together.' ... This club is a place for meeting new friends on the first place. But who knows what's next?"

Yahoo! Clubs: Ebony Women Who Love Italian Men 2000 Sep 24
"This is a place for black women who are interested in meeting Italian white men. This isn't an adult club, so please do not post sexually explicit content anywhere in this club. Female members only will be accepted. Members with photo only will be accepted."

Yahoo! Clubs: Canadian Interracial Club 2000 Jun 26
"... is designed for Canadians in an interracial relationship or wanting to be ... or of interracial background. Feel free to share your feelings, questions, ideas ... Make this place your home!"

Yahoo! Groups: BF-Interrace 2000 Apr 10
"... is a mailing list for Black women who are currently in or have been in interracial and/or intercultural relationships. This is a positive list for Black women seeking support, resources and discussion with other women in similar relationships. NO ONE is excluded from participating provided they respect the space and Black womens freedom to make their own choices. Come in and introduce yourself."

Yahoo! Clubs: Interracial Embrace 1999 Aug 28
A Yahoo! club regarding "twenty-somethings seeking interracial relationships."

Yahoo! Clubs: Lynn's Club for Interracial Love 1999 Aug 28
A Yahoo! club "for people in an interracial relationship."

Yahoo! Clubs: Interracial Relationship 1999 Aug 28
A Yahoo! club which is "a place for interracial relationships."

Yahoo! Clubs: Interracial dating pen pals 1999 Aug 28
This Yahoo! club is "based on people who are interested in meeting and becoming friends with other races."

Yahoo! Clubs: Interracial Partners 1999 Aug 28
Another Yahoo! club is "a place to discuss interracial love and relationships."

Yahoo! Clubs: Gay Interracial Relationships 1999 Aug 28
Another Yahoo! club is "for men interested in interracial relationships."

soc.couples.intercultural newsgroup 1999 May 27
The Usenet newsgroup for intercultural couples.

soc.culture.intercultural newsgroup 1999 May 27
... And the Usenet newsgroup for intercultural culture.

Interracial Individuals Mailing List 1999 May 27
A mailing list "devoted to discussion of the issues facing interracial people. We discuss everything from the census box categories, to interracial hair, to great books for interracial kids."

Interracial ICQ List 1999 May 27
An ICQ list intended to "promote the support of interracial couples, families, and individuals through chat, email, and ICQ."

International Interracial Association: Mailing Lists 1999 May 27
Mailing lists sponsored by the International Interracial Association.

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