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Lambda Fe Uson Sorority, Inc. 2003 May 25
"In the future, Lambda Fe Uson plans to expand. Not only does the group want to open chapters at other colleges and universities, but it plans to get involved in many more activities both on-campus and in the communities from which the sisters originate. At present, the organization is seeking only strong young ladies to continue pursuing its goals. According to the D.I.V.A.S., it is always about quality and never quantity when it comes to initiating new sisters."

Sigma Chi Delta Multicultural Sorority (Abilene, TX, US) 2002 Nov 12
"... is commited to building relationships and understanding by promoting diversity and cultural awareness at Hardin-Simmons University and throughout Abilene, Texas."

Commission for Racial Equality (UK) 2001 Dec 31
"... is a publicly funded, non-governmental body set up under the Race Relations Act 1976 to tackle racial discrimination and promote racial equality. It works in both the public and private sectors to encourage fair treatment and to promote equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their race, colour, nationality, or national or ethnic origin."

I-Pride (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US) 2001 Dec 01
"... is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization interested in the well-being and development of children and adults who are of more than one racial or ethnic heritage. We seek to create a more tolerant society by educating ourselves, our children, and our community, about interracial and intercultural identity."

Swirl: A mixed race community (New York, NY, US) 2001 Sep 01
"... aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural couples. Through a Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program, various social events, and educational lectures and discussions, Swirl will be a meeting place for members of the mixed community to celebrate and explore their heritages."

Men of All Colors Together (New York, NY, US) 2000 Sep 15
"... is a multiracial, multicultural organization of gay and bisexual men committed to addressing and combating racism and discrimination in the lesbian and gay male community, and to providing a supportive environment for non-oppressive multiracial relating among gay men."

Men of All Colors Together (Chicago, IL, US) 2000 May 30
"... is a gay multi-racial organization for all people, which strives to create a supportive environment for people interested in cross-cultural relationships. We engage in social, educational and political activities to deal with the racial and cultural barriers that stand in the way of living our lives as we choose."

Interracial Intercultural Pride (Berkeley, CA, US) 2000 May 09
"The oldest existing multiracial organization in the United States ..."

People in Harmony 2000 May 09
"... is an interracial anti-racist organisation which promotes the positive experience of interracial life in Britain today and challenges the racism, prejudice and ignorance in society. We believe that: - The cultural diversity of our society enriches us all. - Everyone has a right to define their racial and cultural identity. - Racism should always be challenged.

Check One (University of Pennsylviania, PA, US) 2000 May 09
"... seeks to educate the Penn community on political, social, cultural, and identity issues pertaining to the multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial experience. We present CHECK ONE as an organization dedicated to the fostering and maintaining of individual identity in a racially stratified society, and as a vehicle for interaction between Check One members and the greater Penn community. Check One represents a diverse constituency of the University of Pennsylvania, and seeks to be acknowledged for who we are and our common interests, and to support others who seek to address those same issues."

Interracial Families in Fellowship (OH, US) 2000 Apr 15
"... is an informal sharing and support community for interracial adoptive families including black, biracial, and Caucasian children. Our families are located in mid-Ohio, in a geographic region encircling Columbus and extending approximately to Dayton, Mansfield, Zanesville and Chillicothe."

Interracial Family Network of (Seattle, WA, US) 1999 May 27
"... is an organization formed to support interracial families and their children. We offer an assortment of family, community and internet resources ..."

Cultural Awareness Club (Cincinnati, OH, US) 1999 May 27
"The purpose of the Cultural Awareness Club is to make the students at La Salle High School realize we live in a culturally diverse country and that it is necessary and important to learn about fellow American's different cultures ..."

Getting Interracial/Intercultural Families Together (NJ, US) 1999 May 27

Cross Cultural Couples and Children (Princeton, NJ, US) 1999 May 27
"... is a non-profit support group committed to helping cross cultural couples and children/adults of mixed racial backgrounds ..."

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