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White Men and Asian Women 2003 Aug 09
"A website celebrating the unique attraction, relationships love and sex between white gentlemen and Asian ladies."

Black, White, Cuba, and Asian: Interracial Marriage, Dating, and Love 2002 Jul 19
"Interracial relationships are a social issue because they causes turmoil and controversy amoungst people of all ages and ethnic backrounds."

Interracial dating and marriage 2002 May 01
"One of the most public manifestations of race is the choice of one's partner or spouse. This very individual and personal aspect can sometimes produce a lot of public discussion. Studies consistently show that Asian Americans have the highest "outmarriage" rates -- marrying someone else outside of their own ethnic group. But as always, there's more to the story than just the headline."

Multiracial children and education 2002 May 01
"All children have special needs and situations with which they deal with on a daily basis. However, multiracial children not only have to deal with the normal difficulties of childhood and family situations, they have to also deal with an identity situation."

Love in Black and White 2002 Feb 14
"Mark Mathabane ... grew up fearing and hating whites in a South African ghetto. Gail spent the first ten years of her life in lily-white communities in Ohio, ... Love in Black and White is the dramatic, revealing and riveting story of how they overcame their own prejudices, society's disapproval, family opposition and personal self-doubts to be together. Woven into their intimate account of falling in love, getting married and raising children in the fishbowl of an interracial relationship are the beautiful, complex and heartrending stories of other interracial couples in America and South Africa."

Black, White, Cuban, and Asian: Interracial Marriage, Dating, and Love 2001 Dec 31
"Interracial relationships are a social issue because they causes turmoil and controversy amoungst people of all ages and ethnic backrounds."

"Interracial relationships increasingly accepted" (Fiona Stokes) 1999 May 27
"Interracial dating and marrying are on the rise. People of various communities are turning to an integrated way of life and accepting the idea, while some still protest ..."

Interracial Relationships 1999 May 27
"In the book, Strangers Form a Different Shore the author, Ronald Takaki, gives an overview of Asian-Americans in the United States, and a large part of the book deals with these three main aspects ..."

Lost Poem of Langston Hughes 1999 Dec 31
"... dedicated to AJS ... she introduced me to this forgotten poem ..."

Census 2000 Protest 2000 Jan 22
"Barring divine intervention, there will be no multiracial Census category come 2000 ... The 'politically correct' version goes by the name: Mu. Individuals who can claim African heritage and who check the 'black' or 'African-American' box on the 2000 Census -- even if they also check a second or third box -- will be reported solely as 'black' or 'African-American.' So much for not being monoracially pigeonholed ..."

"All mixed up" ( 2000 Feb 14
"In the midst of rapid racial change, one fact is unmistakable: A growing number of Americans are showing that we all can get along, quite intimately, forming relationships and families that cross and ultimately blur those color lines. Almost a quarter of marriages in California, for instance, are interracial (if one counts white-Latino pairings), and 15 percent of all babies born in the Golden State are of mixed race. The demagogues of every race may preach hatred, but most of us are tuning them out. We're incorrigible: Despite the best efforts of separatists, we can't keep our hands off one another."

"Black and white and taboo all over" ( 2000 Feb 14
"Hollywood is more phobic than ever about interracial love, but now it's blacks who are putting on the brakes."

"Is love colorblind?" (S. Sailer) 2000 Apr 15
"While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women are bitterly opposed. Why?"

"Ambassadors of our race" (K. Hohman) 2000 May 05
"Interracial relationships are nothing new to me. The folks in my family have been marrying interracially since the early 50's, so for us, it's old hat. But it didn't take long after I began dating my husband for me to realize that not everyone enjoyed the luxury of open-mindedness that I had been raised with. Today marks for me a decade of personal experience with interracial relationships. I've learned a lot about dealing with the pressures of being interracially married in that time, but the lessons keep on coming."

"Is interracial marriage Biblical?" (K.J. Bywater) 2000 May 05
"Some people believe that interracial marriages are prohibited in the Scriptures. Often they will argue that marriage with foreigners (implying people both of different culture and color) was prohibited throughout the Old Testament."

Loving v. Virginia 2000 May 05
"Richard and Mildred Loving were married in 1958 in Washington D.C. because their home state of Virginia still upheld the antimiscegenation law which stated that interracial marriages were illegal ..."

"Bill of Rights for racially mixed people" (M.P.P. Root) 2000 May 09
"I have the right ..."

How to get involved in the multiracial movement 2000 May 09
"Want to join an organization dedicated to the goal of multiracial freedom of identification? ... Mad? Don't know who to yell at? Tell it to the editor of your local paper! ... Contact your legislator and tell them to introduce/support legislation to add to the multiracial category to government forms that collect racial data ..."

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