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Lynn Bryant Autobiography: Black and Proud 2003 May 25
"Rejected by the white world because of her mixed parents and Black step-siblings, and her choice to belong to a Black community that accepted her ... Living and learning the Black experience, feeling the racism experienced by the people she loved in the South Carolina Low Country where she grew up ... White girl, black world ..."

Painted Love 2002 Nov 12
"Interracial art by Melissa Pealer. A painting symbolizing of interracial love, interracial marriage and interracial couple support."

Etienne Books 2002 Oct 10
"Etienne Books believes that every child is unique and special and deserves books that are as special and unique as they are!!"

Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families 2002 Feb 14
"This award-winning exhibit created and distributed by Family Diversity Projects, Inc. of Amherst, MA offers a powerful and moving vision of the growing diversity of the American family. These families clearly have much to teach everyone about the most intimate form of integration: family love."

Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families 1999 May 27
"... was created in 1993 by photographer Gigi Kaeser, and writer, Peggy Gillespie. Since that time, they've toured this exhibit around the country to great acclaim. In 1997, UMass Press published the book, Of Many Colors ..."

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