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Casey Family Services: For Youth 2002 Sep 08
"Victoria Rowell is also national spokesperson for Casey Family Services. She has embraced this task with the enthusiasm that is her signature. Between March and May last year she was on four national TV shows talking about Casey Family Services and the need for more people to get involved in foster care. She also narrated a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for radio and television and arranged for our PSA to be aired in movie theatres around the country. The PSA has aired throughout New England and soon will be shown nationally on CBS network television."

Children & Family Institute 2000 May 30
"We are a Christian, non-profit, licensed child placing agency. We specialize in placing African-American, Hispanic and biracial children in adoption. In Texas, there are thousands of children waiting for permanent homes. These children have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Over 60% of these children are children of color, with the highest percentage being African American and are typically between the ages of 4-14. Most are brothers and sisters needing to be placed together."

Pact: An Adoption Alliance 1999 Jun 23
"... Pact's founders and small staff have dedicated themselves to the mission of providing the highest quality adoption-related services to children of color, their birth parents and their adoptive parents."

ADOPT: Interracial families 1999 May 27
"Parents who adopt transracially cannot ignore that they become a minority family, subject to criticism, odd remarks, and prejudice from people of all races ..."

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