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HMCS Romance International 2004 May 22
"If you are seeking friendship, fun, romance, marriage, broadminded/erotic contacts, a long-term or long distance relationship, business or professional contacts or just wish to connect with others who have similar interests - then, our service is for You. You will meet singles and couples that are college students, business people, retirees, professionals, property owners, CEO's, entrepreneurs, etc. There are no limits to the kinds of people you will meet through HMCS Romance International Web Site."

Peek Dating 2004 Apr 27
"The first interracial/nationality/ethnicity based dating for the beautiful, upscale, and sexy ..." 2003 Aug 05
"An interactive interracial community." 2003 Aug 05
" is an exclusive Interracial Photo Dating & Romance meeting place for people who are seriously looking for the one special person to share the rest of your life with. is for single people interested in meeting people of diverse multi-cultural and ethnic backgrounds. members include single men and women from all walks of life and diverse geographic locations." 2003 Aug 05
"Get in the mix!"

Carib Date 2003 Aug 05
"Warmth, sensuality, exotic good looks, and understanding are only a few of the qualities you'll discover in our CaribDate sweethearts. All of the ladies and gentlemen who are affiliated to our service are looking for that special someone to share their life with, just like you."

Jasmine Dating Club 2003 May 25
"Interracial online dating."

Black Singles and Interracial Dating Sites 2003 May 25
"Looking to meet someone new this year or maybe you can't seem to figure out which black singles dating site is the best? Well look no further... we have reviewed most of the top black singles and inter-racial dating sites on the Internet. The idea is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to searching for your soul mate online."

Love of Asia 2003 Jan 12
"Greetings from Vietnam! We would like you to know that our Vietnam Love of Asia website has been created for and is driven by our sincere desire to help bring a new life of happiness into your live and the lives of these wonderful Asian ladies. I want you to know in all honestly these Vietnamese girls are the most gentle you will encounter anywhere. They are not out for the money or the visa and in fact would be perfectly happy to stay in this region if they could find an honest and faithful gentleman to stay right here with them. But the fact is, just like we know that love of Asian girls is a wonderful thing, they too know that marrying and building life with a kind and honest man from overseas is better for them and their families. You have the ability to give them something they cannot find here. And in return, they can create a life that you cannot find there. It is perfect for matchmaking!" 2002 Dec 02
"Welcome to, the site where You can find the best looking women or men available for you. This site is for you who like to have only the best and appreciates the exotic. We have the most attractive and exotic women in the Jamaica and the rest of Caribbean." 2002 Nov 12
"Welcome to the best and easiest interracial dating site! Do you have an interest in dating someone who is outside your race? is designed exclusively for singles interested in dating cross color lines. We bring together singles from all the races in your city and around the world by offering great services. This is a great place for singles to interact with others from different races. Singles can talk about interracial relationship, culture, religion, work, sports, life or more. Or help others with their problems." 2002 Oct 10
"Joining automatically makes you a member of one of the world's largest networks of integrated online dating sites. Good people, fun, and romance is what we're all about!"

Bluexotica 2002 Apr 03
"We are White & Black Interracial Personals club offering a place for pictures and chat; Straight, all races of men and women; emails of people interested in interracial relationships, interracial dating, straight, couples, about; business, religion, problems, success, vacation, and love, (pheeuwww!) (catch a breath and finish the sentence...) to other beautiful people. We have hundreds of thumbnailed images throughout our clubs in the USA and Australia."

Asian Girls and White Guys Photo Matchmaker 2002 Apr 03
"Welcome to Asian Girls and White Guys Photo Matchmaker! Here you have found the premiere site for Asian female and white male romance and friendship. This free Matchmaker allows you to enter information about yourself and the one you are seeking. From this, each member will have their own web page containing a message board where they and their matches can exchange private messages!" Black Women for White Men in Ohio (Ohio, US) 2002 Feb 14
"This is a forum to discuss relationships between black females and white males in the state of Ohio. Any subject of discussion is permitted here. Just treat each other politely."

MSN Communities: BlackWomenWhiteMen.Com 2001 Sep 01

Yahoo! Clubs: White M 4 Black F in Dallas area (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, US) 2001 Jan 26
"This singles club was created to provide a place where single white men who are attracted to black women & vice versa can meet to develop friendships and more. This is a safe place where we can all chat, love, live as adults. Only loving people who are willing to find what they are looking for."

Black & White Interracial Dating Service 2001 Jan 26
"... for singles interested in meeting people of diverse multi-cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In today's society, all men and women should be accepted if they choose to date interracially. Multiracial dating offers as much as intra-racial dating and the opportunity for developing lasting relationships exists in both cases. However, often there are more societal pressures on people involved in interracial relationships."

MSN Communities: Mindkandy's Black Women and White Men Dating Club 2000 Sep 26
"A supportive place for white men & black women to hang out, discuss issues/concerns and ideas for dating, ask questions on interracial dating, and much more! Respectful and progressive demeanors are ideal." Requires an MSN Passport account to join.

Bluexotic Personals 2000 Sep 15
"Someone wants to meet you! To add your photo, send us an e-mail with your photo file attached. ... Personals with photos are viewed 7 times more often than Personals without photos."

Mixed Feelings Interracial Personals 2000 Sep 15
"I would like to introduce to you one of the first Interracial Personal Listings Service you may find on the Internet! We do more than offer a common forum for those of us interested in interracial dating, we also address the political issues of interracial relationships, interracial marriage, mixed children, and how society has changed and is changing to accept such diversity in our daily lives."

eGroups: WhiteWomen-BlackWomen 2000 Jul 19
"... is for Black women and white women to discuss competition between one another, racial disparities, interests and personal experiences in dating men of various ethnic groups or of each other's group, the negativity and positivism of different beauty standards, understanding of one another's viewpoints racially and gender-wise, white privilege and whether or not it is valid and contributes to separatism in maintaining good societal relations between WW and BW on various levels, and much more. This is not a list for women to bash one another or to date one another, although bisexual and gay women are of course allowed to join to share thoughts and discussion. This list's purpose is to create unity, comprehension and harmony between black women and white women as there are many tensions that exist between these two demographic groups. Discussion is encouraged and preferred. Also men and other ethnic groups are welcome to join as well to contribute to the discussion themes native to the list's purpose."

eGroups: BFs-and-WMs 2000 Jul 19
"The purpose of the list is to create a discussion forum and meeting place for white men and black women. This list is not a sex list or a list for white married men to come and have sexual connections with black women. Respect for black women is required and expected and vice versa. All ethnicities are welcome to join, but there will be absolutely no bashing of black women and white men for their dating preferences by others. ... This is a discussion list and participation is encouraged and preferred rather than lurking and inactivity. Members are given the benefit of the doubt in being able to be mature, intelligent, and productive." 2000 Jul 12

Mindkandy's Interracial Dating Service 2000 Jun 26
"... for those interested in meeting others of other ethnic backgrounds. Everyone should be open to race and the many joys dating interracially offers. MID supports any websites, issues, or services geared towards broadening the horizons of cross-racial relationships."

MSN Communities: BlackmanLOOKINGforWhiteWOMAN 2000 May 09
"Please help support us by applying for membership in this free, new, prviate community. ... You must be a black male or a white female to join and 18 or older." Requires an MSN Passport account and an application to join. 2000 Feb 09
"... is a positive and supportive presence for single individuals who open to a love that transcends color. Welcome to our personals feature. Sweaty palms, a racing heart, a quiver in the voice. That's what we're about. If you haven't got that feeling, then you haven't met the right person ... yet. Place a free ad. It's safe because your email address is kept confidential. Browse our ads, and get introduced to the most interesting people on the planet. Are you interested in the lives being changed right now?"

Ask HeartBeat 2000 Jan 22
"Ms. HeartBeat responds to dozens of letters from confused lovers all over the world, requesting her witty and streetwise advice on dating issues, online relationships, cohabitation, breakups and divorce, sexuality, game-playing, commitment, interracial relationships and older/younger romances."

Interracial 1999 Oct 29
"... is for singles interested in dating cross color lines ..."

Ebony and Ivory Together 1999 Oct 29
"... is dedicated to single women of color and gentlemen interested in pursuing a monogamous, interracial relationship."

INTERracial Friends Pics Page 1999 Jun 17
"is for folks that participate in INTERracial mailing lists, INTERracial Chat, Interracial Friends at the ICQ Active List & at ..."

Salt and Pepper Singles 1999 May 27
"... is a penpal/dating service for adult singles searching for interracial romance, love, companionship, and friendship worldwide in a safe, secure environment free of prejudice."

Mixed Feelings Interracial Personal 1999 May 27
"We do more than offer a common forum for those of us interested in interracial dating, we also address the political issues of interracial relationships, interracial marriage, mixed children, and how society has changed and is changing to accept such diversity in our daily lives ..."

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